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Since 2005, Home Signal is committed to being the leader in local search and mobile marketing. However, we are more than just a marketing company.  We are a bringer of business.

We use short codes and SMS text technology to simplify the way you connect with your customers. Research has shown that 97 percent of all text are read within minutes of receiving them. Furthermore, research shows that people like receiving texts from businesses that that are familiar with. It is also confirmed that SMS is the preferred way customers want to keep in contact with local businesses for appointment reminders, coupons, and other information.

A great advantage of  SMS technology is that it's a very efficient way to build and maintain your data base. Using short codes and a "Keyword" a business person can direct incoming request to the correct department.
A "Keyword" can be set up for each marketing division, product, or promotion, while also instantly retaining the customer's information. The possibilities are endless.  One of the worst things a business person can find is an insufficient data base.

Our clients have the latest cutting edge technology, giving them the most productive and cost efficient competitive advantage over their competition.
A traditional marketing company will sell you a nice static ad, just hoping for a customer to stumble across it, but we give you real tools to always be in the forefront of your customers mind.  We also give you the means to attract new customers.

Homesignal.com is a business engine, a call to action, communicating you are the best and local company to do business with and you are ready to serve..

Most people live busy lives, and all around them are marketing ads, on buses, signs, TV and everywhere else. People have become accustomed to over look advertisements. However, at Home Signal, we give you the tools to place a call to action in the center of a customer's world, where and how they communicate.

Imagine a person in her busy life. Why not give them a smile, and let them know those new shoes are going on sale. You could also offer her a chance to win something. Everyone wants to win something. Playing a quick text to win game is a comforting call to action that will give a person just the moment of joy a potential or existing customer needs. You will be their smile in that day.

With so much competition, why use stagnant marketing?

  1.  It’s a direct, immediate channel
  2. You can use shortcodes to simplify response and build your database
  3. It can support and integrate with other channels

4. You can learn more about your customers
5. You can increase customer engagement
6. Response data enables you to monitor, track and improve

Turn Key Solution

We also automate how a company does business. We give you the tools to instantly store and communicate with every customer or potential customer a business owner comes in contact with. We help you build a sales funnel that's always at hand, and your information at your customers fingertips.

For example, we offer a mobile marketing loyalty program that is centered around the customer's cell phone.  The business owner doesn't need to spend money on costly plastic cards.

Mobile business cards can easily be distributed to new customers, while instantly retaining their information.

We also offer a mobile coupon module that's not based on cookies stored in the phone, but an internet wallet using the customers phone number. The coupon is also connected to a unique URL so the advertiser will know who redeemed the coupon and when.

Very important, the advertiser is in charge of their mobile coupon so they don't have to worry about people abusing it. If the coupon was cookie based, as most online and mobile coupons are, all the customer needs to do is erase the cookies on the phone to reuse the coupon repeatedly. Not with us.   We offer so much more.


For More Information about how our Mobile Marketing Platform can be the solution you're looking for contact us and one of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly. 

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