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Bringer Of Business dashboard is at Homesignal.com
We call our online dashboard "The Bringer Of Business" because that's what it does. It's a control panel that allows the user to easily operate all of our mobile marketing modules, including two way texting. Yes, you can communicate with customers through our dashboard. We have added an inbox so customer can send you a text and you can reply at leisure.

Our dashboard is operated by our mobile marketing software that  is an easy to use, web-based text messaging operating system that allows small, medium, and large enterprises to independently create and manage interactive mobile campaigns.

The cutting-edge software platform enables our clients to leverage a wide range of tool sets designed to maximize ROI by complimenting a company's overall marketing strategy.

We use short codes and SMS text technology to simplify the way you connect with your customers and build your data base. A SMS text is also the preferred way customers want to keep in contact with local businesses for appointment reminders, coupons, and other information.

Our Bringer of Business Dashboard can easily assign a key word for each marketing division, product, or promotion, while instantly retaining the customer's information when they use that keyword. The possibilities are endless. For example, a Mobile business cards can be created and distributed to new customers by simply having the person text a keyword to a short code for the business card,

Build A Database One Text At A Time!

Bringer Of Business Dashboard
Two way Texting
Inbox to Receive & Reply at Leisure
Mobile web site
Coupon wizard
Loyalty program
Text to win module
Kiosk builder
SMS Scavenger Hunt
2 short codes  
Vanity key words
System generated key words
Mobile Polls and questionnaire
Capture forms
QR code generator  
Web forms
Social marketing module
Auto responder
Email capture
Analytic Reports
Website plugins
Message Scheduling
Appointment reminders
Landing pages/business card
Birthday wish module
Vehicle listing
Property listing
Text to Phone
Outstanding customer service
Marketing & training material
Free Incoming Messages
Unlimited lists & subscribers

Automatically Create a Database!

To Signal Your Customers ready to do business, new sale, or for anything!

Mobile Coupons

Our unique couponing wizard provides a graphical interface with a built-in redemption feature which includes automated barcode creation, promotion code development, and more. Choose our WAP feature, use a simple and effective sms, or both. Choose the options that are right for you and your business.
mobile coupons at homesignal.com

Mobile Websites

It's called a responsive website when the website adjust to the size of the screen, and the user doesn't need to zoom in and out, or move the screen back and forth to see the whole website.

It doesn't matter if the user is on a desk top, tablet, or cell phone. Each user will have their own unique and quality experience.

Our premium, responsive mobile website is the easiest way to create and manage an original mobile experience for your customers.

Our cloud-based mobile responsive website builder and content management system offers powerful features and tools to help your business grow its mobile marketing offerings and manage multi-channel marketing campaigns. 

mobile websites at homesignal.com
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