Mobile Video

                                        Mobile Video!!!!

Conversion Rate is everything. Would you like your conversions increased by 35%, and your traffic increased by 25%, and brand awareness by by 76%?

Now you can sale even when you are not there. Tell your story 24/7 and make sure your customers get the whole story. How?  We have teamed up with Online Video Producer to bring you an affordable and time sensitive answer to your mobile marketing.    You now can quickly and instantly create a mobile video using one of the many  templates provided. All you do is add your message and pictures/video, or use the stock footage available and tell your story.

No purchase necessary to build and preview your video. Just create an account and have fun. Once you get done and you like your finial version, then simply pay and publish it.

 All of our mobile websites have a place to insert video. Image, a customer has your mobile business card, mobile coupon, or contest,  and it comes with a selling video attached. You can use a QR Code so when customers scan it, they go right to the video. Super cool.  

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